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Health Guide 2 
Health Guide 2
 Dis-ease All 
Scroll down to each of your ailments to discover the underlying emotional stress.  The major root (anger, fear or sorrow) and the sub-emotion of the major root.


Abdominal Cramps   Anger Bitterness
Abscess   Anger Wrath
Accidents   Anger Bitterness
Aches   Sorrow Loneliness
Acne   Fear Unforgiveness
Addictions   Fear Confusion
Addison’s Disease   Anger Unforgiveness
Adenoids   Anger Strife
Adrenal Problems   Fear Compliance
Aging   Fear Anxiety
AIDS   Fear Compliance
Alcoholism   Fear Blame
Allergies   Sorrow Worthlessness
Alzheimer’s   Fear Hopelessness
Amenorrhea   Anger Unforgiveness
Amnesia   Fear Anxiety
Amoebic Dysentery   Fear Anxiety
Anemia   Sorrow Worthlessness
Animal Bites   Anger Shame
Ankles   Fear Anxiety
Anorectal Bleeding   Anger Offended
Anorexia   Sorrow Anxiety
Apathy   Fear Control
Appendicitis   Fear Anxiety
Arm Fat   Fear Anxiety
Artheriosclerosis   Anger Bitterness
Arthritic Fingers   Anger Bitterness
Arthritis   Anger Bitterness
Asphyxiating Attacks   Fear Anxiety
Asthma   Anger Rage
Astigmatism   Fear Anxiety
Athlete’s Foot   Anger Rage
Auto-Immune Problems   Sorrow Discouragement
Bacillary Dysentery   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Back Problems   Anger Rage
Bad Breath   Anger Bitterness
Baldness   Fear Anxiety
Bedwetting   Fear Betrayal
Bell’s Palsy    Anger Bitterness
Belly Fat   Anger Anxiety
Blackheads   Anger Offended
Bladder Problems   Fear Confusion
Bleeding   Anger Discouragement
Bleeding Gums   Sorrow Anguish
Blisters   Fear Anxiety
Blood Clots   Sorrow Discouragement 
Blood Problems   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Body Odor   Fear Anxiety
Boils   Anger Wrath
Bone   Anger Bitterness
Bowels   Fear Anxiety
Brain   Anger Bitterness
Breakage   Anger Bitterness
Breast Lumps/cysts   Fear Control
Breast Problems   Sorrow Worthlessness
Breathing Problems   Fear Worthlessness
Bright’s Disease   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Bronchitis   Anger Strife
Bruises   Anger Unforgiveness
Bug Bites   Anger Blame
Bulimia   Anger Unforgiveness
Bunions   Sorrow Discouragement 
Burns   Anger Wrath
Bursitis   Anger Wrath
Calluses   Fear Anxiety
Cancer   Anger Bitterness
Cancer   Anger Unforgiveness
Cancer, leukemia   Anger Anguish
Candida   Anger Unforgiveness
Canker Sores   Anger Strife
Car Sickness   Fear Anxiety
Carbuncle   Anger Wrath
Carpal Tunnel   Anger Offended
Cataracts   Sorrow Anguish
Cellulite   Anger Unforgiveness
Cerebral Palsy   Sorrow Anguish
Cervical Cancer   Anger Unforgiveness
Childhood Disease   Sorrow Loneliness
Chills   Sorrow Discouragement 
Cholesterol   Sorrow Worthlessness
Chronic Diseases   Anger Bitterness
Circulation   Anger Discouragement
Cold Sores   Anger Rage
Colds   Anger Confusion
Colic   Anger Hatefulness
Colitis   Fear Anxiety
Colon   Anger Unforgiveness
Coma   Fear Anxiety
Constipation   Fear Anxiety
Corns   Anger Bitterness
Coronary Thrombosis   Fear Anxiety
Coughs   Anger Strife
Cramps   Fear Anxiety
Crying   Sorrow Anguish
Cuts   Anger Blame
Cystic Fibrosis   Anger Offended
Cysts   Anger Offended
Deafness   Anger Bitterness
Deformed Bone   Fear Anxiety
Dementia   Anger Bitterness
Despair   Sorrow Anguish
Diabetes   Anger Bitterness
Diarrhea   Fear Confusion
Dizziness   Fear Confusion
Dread   Fear Anxiety
Dry Eyes   Anger Unforgiveness
Earache   Anger Strife
Eczema   Anger Unforgiveness
Edema   Anger Bitterness
Emphysema   Fear Anxiety
Epilepsy   Anger Offended
Epstein Barr   Anger Shame
Excessive Appetite   Fear Anxiety
Eyes   Anger Bitterness
Eyes, Children   Fear Anxiety
Fainting   Fear Anxiety
Farsighted   Fear Anxiety
Fat   Anger Bitterness
Fat Hips   Anger Betrayal
Fat Thighs   Anger Wrath
Fatigue   Fear Anxiety
Female Organs   Anger Bitterness
Female Problems   Anger Unforgiveness
Fever   Anger Rage
Fingernail Biting   Anger Bitterness
Flu   Fear Anxiety
Food Poisoning   Fear Anxiety
Foot   Fear Anxiety
Frigidity   Fear Anxiety
Fungus   Anger Bitterness
Gallbladder   Anger Bitterness
Gallstones   Anger Unforgiveness
Glaucoma   Anger Bitterness
Goiter   Anger Bitterness
Gonorrhea   Anger Wrath
Gout   Anger Bitterness
Gray Hair   Fear Bitterness
Growths   Anger Unforgiveness
Gum Problems   Fear Confusion
Hardening of Arteries   Fear Control
Hay Fever   Anger Bitterness
Headaches   Anger Bitterness
Heart Attack   Sorrow Anguish
Heart Problems   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Heartburn   Fear Anxiety
Hemorrhoids   Anger Bitterness
Hepatitis   Anger Bitterness
Hernia   Anger Unforgiveness
Herpes   Anger Shame
High Blood Pressure   Anger Unforgiveness
Hip Joint   Anger Bitterness
Hives   Fear Compliance
Hodgkin’s   Fear Rejection
Holding Fluid   Fear Anxiety
Hunched Shoulders   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Hyperactive   Fear Anxiety
Hyperthyroidism   Anger Wrath
Hyperventilation   Fear Anxiety
Hypoglycemia   Sorrow Discouragement 
Hypothyroidism   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Impacted Wisdom Tooth   Sorrow Anguish
Impotence   Anger Betrayal
Incontinence   Sorrow Anguish
Incurable   Sorrow Anguish
Infection   Anger Anxiety
Inflammation   Anger Wrath
Influenza   Fear Anxiety
Ingrown Toenail   Fear Anxiety
Injuries   Anger Blame
Insanity   Fear Confusion
Insomnia   Fear Anxiety
Itching   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Jaundice   Anger Offended
Jaw   Anger Bitterness
Kidney Problems   Anger Bitterness
Kidney Stones   Anger Unforgiveness
Laryngitis   Anger Rage
Leg Paralysis   Fear Anxiety
Leprosy   Sorrow Defilement
Leukemia   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Little Finger   Anger Betrayal
Liver   Anger Bitterness
Lockjaw   Anger Bitterness
Loss of Appetite   Fear Anxiety
Loss of Balance   Fear Confusion
Low Blood Pressure   Sorrow Compliance
Lower Back   Fear Anxiety
Lower Legs   Fear Anxiety
Lymph Problems   Anger Unforgiveness
Malaria   Fear Anxiety
Menopause   Fear Anxiety
Menstrual Problems   Sorrow Defilement
Middle Back   Anger Blame
Middle Finger   Anger Bitterness
Migraines   Fear Anxiety
Miscarriage   Fear Anxiety
Mononucleosis   Anger Offended
Mouth   Anger Bitterness
Multiple Sclerosis   Fear Bitterness
Muscle cramps   Fear Bitterness
Myopia   Fear Anxiety
Nail Biting   Anger Hatefulness
Narcolepsy   Fear Anxiety
Nausea   Fear Anxiety
Nearsighted   Fear Anxiety
Neck problems   Anger Anxiety
Nervous Breakdown   Anger Pride
Nervousness   Fear Confusion
Nodules   Anger Unforgiveness
Nose Bleeds   Sorrow Loneliness
Numbness   Anger Hatefulness
Obesity   Anger Unforgiveness
Osteoporosis   Anger Bitterness
Ovaries   Fear Compliance
Over Eating   Fear Anxiety
Overweight   Fear Anxiety
Pain   Anger Bitterness
Pancreas   Anger Bitterness
Paralysis   Fear Anxiety
Parasites   Fear Anxiety
Parasympathetic Nerves   Anger Unforgiveness
Parkinson’s   Fear Control
Phlebitis   Anger Strife
Pimples   Anger Bitterness
Pinkeye   Anger Offended
Planter Wart   Anger Offended
PMS   Anger Strife
Pneumonia   Sorrow Anguish
Poison Ivy   Fear Anxiety
Polio   Anger Bitterness
Post Nasal Drip   Fear Insecurity
Prostate   Sorrow Anguish
Psoriasis   Fear Anxiety
Rabies   Anger Wrath
Rash   Anger Offended
Respiratory Ailments   Fear Anxiety
Rheumatism   Anger Bitterness
Rickets    Fear Rejection
Ring Finger   Sorrow Anguish
Ringworm   Anger Offended
Root Canals   Fear Anxiety
Round Shoulders   Sorrow Anguish
Round Shoulders   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Runny Nose   Sorrow Loneliness
Sacroiliac   Sorrow Loneliness
Sagging Lines   Anger Unforgiveness
Scabies   Anger Bitterness
Sciatica   Fear Anxiety
Scleroderma   Fear Anxiety
Scoliosis   Anger Betrayal
Seizure   Fear Anxiety
Shingles   Fear Anxiety
Shoulders   Anger Betrayal
Sickle Cell Anemia   Fear Shame
Sinus   Fear Anxiety
Skin Problems   Fear Anxiety
Slipped Disc   Fear Anxiety
Snoring   Fear Anxiety
Sore Throat   Anger Unforgiveness
Sores   Anger Unforgiveness
Spastic Colitis   Fear Anxiety
Spinal Meningitis   Anger Wrath
Spleen   Anger Wrath
Sprains   Anger Bitterness
Stiff Neck   Anger Bitterness
Stiffness   Anger Bitterness
Stomach Cancer   Anger Wrath
Stroke   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Stuffy Nose   Sorrow Worthlessness
Stuttering   Anger Anguish
Sty   Sorrow Discouragement 
Suicide   Sorrow Anguish
Sweaty Hands   Fear Anxiety
Swelling   Sorrow Unforgiveness
Syphilis   Anger Offended
TB   Anger Strife
Teeth Pain   Fear Confusion
Tendon Pain   Anger Unforgiveness
Tetanus   Anger Bitterness
Thumb   Anger Anxiety
Tonsillitis   Fear Anxiety
Tumor   Anger Bitterness
Tumors   Anger Unforgiveness
Twitch   Fear Anxiety
Ulcers   Anger Bitterness
Underweight   Fear Anxiety
Upper Back   Sorrow Worthlessness
Urinary Problems   Anger Bitterness
Uterine Cancer   Anger Blame
Uterine Fibroids   Anger Unforgiveness
Vaginitiis   Anger Unforgiveness
Varicose Veins   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Viral Infections   Sorrow Anguish
Vomiting   Fear Anxiety
Wall-eyed   Fear Confusion
Warts   Anger Hatefulness
Weakness   Sorrow Hopelessness 
Yeast Infections   Anger Unforgiveness


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